Sardines & Crackers Snack

Sardines & Crackers Snack

Sure, you can go straight out of the can or on a simple saltine cracker. But why not dress it up every once in a while?

Mexican Salad with Sardines

Mexican Salad with Sardines

Add some royal seafood to that Mexican-style tomato and creamy avocado salad for some easy and delicious cha-cha-cha!

Bergen Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sardines

Bergen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

An American comfort food classic meets Norwegian seafood taste inspiration. Melted cheese, mild, smoky flavors, perfect for brunch or lunch.

sardine celery sticks

Sardine Celery Sticks

Royal finger food…fast and delicious. Makes the perfect snack or party appetizer. Spice it up with Jalapeño Pepper or Cracked Pepper Sardines, or go…

sardine crostini

Sardine Crostini

A Norwegian classic. Nutritious, delicious, and super easy to prepare. Customize as you like with your favorite King Oscar variety.

sardine tapenade tomato bites

Sardine Tapenade Tomato Bites

As tasty as they are colorful, our Sardine Tapenade Tomato Bites please palates and add visual pop to your table. Food that’s fun to…

hot sardine bread sticks

Hot Sardine Bread Sticks

Savory pastries just got hotter! Add some cha-cha-cha to your appetizer reperatoire with this easy favorite.

spicy sardine gazpacho

Spicy Sardine Gazpacho

Gazpachos are cold tomato-based soups originating from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Our recipe is a snap, thanks to the Jalapeño Pepper Sardines.…

Sardine Tapenade Recipe

Royal Sardine Tapenade

Visit the Mediterranean…or at least take your mouth there! This classic tapenade is full of flavor and is ready to go about as fast…

Deviled Eggs with Sardines

Eggs and the salty flavor of fish go together, and this recipe offers more proof of that. Simply the best deviled eggs you will…

potato salad with sardines

Potato Salad with Sardines

Comfort food with a Norwegian twist. The Cracked Pepper Sardines give this recipe delicious, aromatic punch. But you can also use Extra Virgin Olive…

thai style sardine and mango rice salad

Thai Rice Salad with Sardines

Craving something on the exotic side? Treat your taste buds to the tropical flavors of this Thai-inspired rice salad. Makes the perfect light and…

spanish style salad with sardines

Spanish Style Salad with Sardines

A nice fresh salad that brings a little heat! Makes a perfect, nutritious, calorie-cutting light meal. Takes your palate on a first-class, non-stop flight…

sardine lavash wraps

Sardine Lavash Wraps

Enjoy the taste, enjoy the versatility! This easy wrap recipe is perfect for a light dinner, lunch, snacktime, or for appetizers. Wrap in tin…

Simple Sardine Sandwich

Norway’s classic open-face sandwich. Easy, nutritious, and delicious. Lightly toast the bread if you have an extra 90 seconds, or go untoasted if you…

sardine flatbread

Sardine Flatbread

Lunch, dinner, or party appetizer – this sardine flatbread does it all. Go as simple or as fancy as you like with your toppings.…

Fettuccine Pasta with Sardines

There are a number of classic recipes for “pasta con le sarde.” This is His Majesty’s favorite. We think you are going to love…

Sardine Sushi

Sushi has gone mainstream. And now this Japanese cuisine favorite gets a Norwegian twist. Sardine sushi makes a delicious and nutritious light dinner. Perfect…