Tuna Fillet Sliders

Tuna Fillet Sliders

Sliders are go-to summer grill wonders. This seafood variation adds year-round rich flavors and cuts cook time with out-of-the jar convenience!

KO Tuna Melt

KO Tuna Melt

Your basic tuna melt just got royal-ized! Sourdough bread, oozing cheese, and premium tuna fillets – your taste buds will never go back.

Bergen Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sardines

Bergen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

An American comfort food classic meets Norwegian seafood taste inspiration. Melted cheese, mild, smoky flavors, perfect for brunch or lunch.

Kipper Snacks and Avocado

Kipper Snacks & Avocado Sandwiches

A classic Norwegian open-face sandwich with authentically wood-smoked kippered herring and smooth, ripe avocado – your new favorite way to eat your long-time favorite…

Anchovy Bruschetta

Sure, you love anchovies on pizza. Now get ready to adore them on toast! This easy recipe makes the perfect snack or seafood appetizer.

sardine lavash wraps

Sardine Lavash Wraps

Enjoy the taste, enjoy the versatility! This easy wrap recipe is perfect for a light dinner, lunch, snacktime, or for appetizers. Wrap in tin…

Simple Sardine Sandwich

Norway’s classic open-face sandwich. Easy, nutritious, and delicious. Lightly toast the bread if you have an extra 90 seconds, or go untoasted if you…

sardine flatbread

Sardine Flatbread

Lunch, dinner, or party appetizer – this sardine flatbread does it all. Go as simple or as fancy as you like with your toppings.…

mackerel fish burger

Mackerel Fish Burger

Everything you could want in a fish burger, only more because it’s made from His Majesty’s finest North Atlantic mackerel. Try it and tell…