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King Oscar® brings you America’s favorite sardine, now with the ever-popular, fresh flavor of lemons. Bright taste, nutritious, and ready to go!

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At King Oscar, we’re here to inspire you to eat well and live better with the finest quality, best tasting, wild-caught, and sustainable canned seafood in the world. True to our Norwegian heritage and royal reputation for excellence, we bring you nutritious, convenient fish and simple, delicious recipes. The best for you. Welcome to the kingdom of seafood…

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Kipper Snacks and Beet Salad

Kipper Snacks and Beet Salad

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For something fun and different, try His Majesty’s favorite Kipper Snacks salad recipe with beets. It’s fast and simple, nutritious and simply delicious. Light…

Sardine Celery Sticks

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Royal finger food…fast and delicious. Makes the perfect snack or party appetizer. Spice it up with Jalapeño Pepper or Cracked Pepper Sardines, or go…

Kipper Snacks and Avocado

Kipper Snacks and Avocado Sandwiches

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A classic Norwegian open-face sandwich with authentically wood-smoked kippered herring and smooth, ripe avocado – your new favorite way to eat your long-time favorite…

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What will you create today? These recipes will inspire your eating with delicious and nutritious wild-caught seafood. Maybe you have a recipe to share? We’d love to see it!

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