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About King Oscar


Our roots go all the way back to 1873, to the foundation of a small fishing cannery in Stavanger, Norway. The Stavanger Preserving Company was among the very first in the Norwegian seafood canning industry to develop “smoked brisling sardines in oil” and to begin exporting that fine Norwegian product around the globe. In fact, Norway would become the center of the sardine universe, known far and wide as the producer of the best tiny tinned fish on the planet.

In 1902, King Oscar II, ruler of Norway and Sweden, tasted the sardines from the Stavanger Preserving Company for the first time. He was impressed. So impressed that he offered the company the most precious gift. His name. From that moment on, we have carried King Oscar’s title with pride.

Now 120 years later, we sell seafood products all over the world, always true to what His Majesty saw in us from the beginning: craft, heritage, and quality. Honoring tradition while leading with innovation, we’re still on our mission to bring you the best quality, best tasting seafood possible – and to do it in a sustainable way. Because when you are lucky enough to have been given a name like ours, the seafood you offer must be fit for a king.