Caesar Salad with Anchovies Recipe

Caesar Salad

The classic Caesar’s Salad is a favorite around the world. Ours has to be the easiest to prepare. Simply pick lettuce, pull anchovy can…

Mexican Salad with Sardines

Mexican Salad with Sardines

Add some royal seafood to that Mexican-style tomato and creamy avocado salad for some easy and delicious cha-cha-cha!

Royal Mackerel Pasta Salad

The ultimate seafood pasta salad. Make in advance and refrigerate to let the flavors set. Perfect for lunch and dinner meals on the go!

Royal Niçoise Salad

Royal Niçoise Salad

Fresh from the Royal Kitchen, this is King Oscar’s take on the French bistro classic! Packing nutritious protein, rich flavors, and a tangy dressing,…

Tuna & Charred Greens Salad

Tuna & Charred Greens Salad

Decadently rich tuna flavor and totally dramatic presentation combine for a distinctive salad sure to impress taste buds and guests!

Asian Noodle Salad with Mackerel

Asian Noodle Salad with Mackerel

Get ready for the fusion of Asian flavors and the mild taste of North Atlantic mackerel. A delicious way to get your protein and omega-3s!

thai style sardine and mango rice salad

Thai Rice Salad with Sardines

Craving something on the exotic side? Treat your taste buds to the tropical flavors of this Thai-inspired rice salad. Makes the perfect light and…

spanish style salad with sardines

Spanish Style Salad with Sardines

A nice fresh salad that brings a little heat! Makes a perfect, nutritious, calorie-cutting light meal. Takes your palate on a first-class, non-stop flight…

greek salad with mackerel

Greek Salad with Mackerel

It’s the classic Greek salad you love. Only it’s unlike any other Greek salad you’ve had before! Super convenient, gourmet quality Mediterranean Style Mackerel…

Kipper Snacks and Beet Salad

Kipper Snacks and Beet Salad

For something fun and different, try His Majesty’s favorite Kipper Snacks salad recipe with beets. It’s fast and simple, nutritious and simply delicious. Light…

potato salad with sardines

Potato Salad with Sardines

Comfort food with a Norwegian twist. The Cracked Pepper Sardines give this recipe delicious, aromatic punch. But you can also use Extra Virgin Olive…

cajun salad with mackerel cakes

Cajun Salad with Mackerel Cakes

Let the good-eating times roll! This Cajun-inspired baby greens salad with mackerel fish cakes will take you off the ordinary path. Great for lunch…