Mediterranean Tuna Pasta

Mediterranean Tuna Pasta

Prepare your palate for the authentic flavors of the sunny Mediterranean. This is restaurant-quality seafood pasta so easy you can make it at home!

Spaghetti Pasta with Sardines

There are a number of classic recipes for “pasta con le sarde.” This is His Majesty’s favorite. We think you are going to love…

Sardine Sushi

Sushi has gone mainstream. And now this Japanese cuisine favorite gets a Norwegian twist. Sardine sushi makes a delicious and nutritious light dinner. Perfect…

Mackerel-Stuffed Baked Potatoes

We’ve combined classic comfort food with delicious, nutritious, ready-to-serve, top quality mackerel. You’ve never had a stuffed potato like this before!

Mediterranean Mackerel Pasta

Seafood pasta made easy! Perfect for a delicious dinner when you’re short on time. Or bring to work in a cook-safe container, re-heat, and…